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The first payment part of the month in which it has been installed and the next full month's fee in advance.

Wimax is a communication technology similar to WiFi but designed for outdoor and long distances, with a range greater than 30 km and speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

So far the fastest Wi-Fi networks are about 500 Mbps and with a maximum coverage of about 300 meters. It is the firm candidate technology to offer super fast Internet connections and with very wide coverage, ideal for rural areas or places where it is not profitable to deploy fiber.

With WIMAX On Line you will have a fixed internet connection in your home without the need to carry a telephone or fiber line.

Unfortunately, operators do not allow us to process the withdrawal from us. Once we have installed you and have everything with our company (mobile and / or landline). You must contact them by the procedure they have established and request the withdrawal of their services.

Flatly NOOO !! Your Neighborhood Community cannot prevent you from installing the antenna. You have the right to do so under RD 1/1998, which states that every citizen has the right to access the internet and broadband technologies and neither the Community of Neighbors, nor any neighbor can object. It is the same Law that guarantees that you can have a TV antenna, even if all your neighbors decided that they do not want to watch TV, they could not prevent you from installing an antenna to enjoy your content. What is necessary is to INFORM, but at no time it is necessary to REQUEST A PERMIT because it is not necessary.

No. It's like a traditional fiber or ADSL connection, it has no download limit.

It depends on the quality of coverage we have in your area (Distance, visibility and interference). From 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps or more if you have very special needs. For companies we offer 50 or 100 Mbps and / or symmetric connections. There is no difference with fiber optics.

Home routers usually allow between 1 and 15 simultaneous devices without problems. There are more powerful routers (which we can supply if you have this need) that can work with up to 20 or 30 connected devices.

Speed test

Perform a speed test on your internet connection.

Online Technical Assistance

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16. Technical assistance on line.

The purpose of the online technical assistance service is to solve any incident that allows Wimax On Line S.L. Optimally provide the service contracted by the client. At no time of assistance Wimax On Line S.L. It incorporates customer data into its information systems.




On-line Technical Assistance

Please note that this technical support on-line joins the contract to provide services that Wimax On line S.L. has with the client and which we detail below clause:

16. On-line Technical Assistance.

The technical support on line is intended to solve any problem that allows Wimax On line S.L. optimally provide the service contracted by the client. At no time attendance Wimax On line S.L. incorporates customer data information systems.